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Apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residence

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Apartments for sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence, UAE

Property in Jumeirah Beach Residence predominantly consists of studios and one- to five-bedroom apartments. The prestigious community, surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf, boasts over 40 skyscrapers, approximately 35 of which are multi-unit apartment complexes. Buildings in the surrounding areas showcase the region’s architectural prowess, weaving modern, Mediterranean, and traditional Arabic elements. In addition to being residential units, these buildings also house public facilities, such as swimming pools, yoga studios, relaxation areas, fitness centres, and more.

The panoramic windows of Jumeirah Beach Residences apartments offer splendid views of Dubai and well-manicured beaches and greenery. The local real estate is ideally suited for expats, families with children, young couples, entrepreneurs, and professionals working in nearby business districts, as well as pensioners and students. Those who buy flats in Jumeirah Beach Residence are not only making an excellent choice for permanent residence and seasonal vacations but are also capitalising on a highly liquid and profitable investment property, which provides a stable passive income.

In addition to studios and flats in Jumeirah Beach Residence, the neighbourhood also has a limited selection of penthouses and lofts. Residential units with four to six bedrooms are in high demand among affluent buyers and tenants, as they feature a multitude of personal amenities, such as pools, jacuzzis, a terrace with a relaxation area, and much more.


The minimum cost per apartment type in the up-and-coming coastal community is as follows:

  • Studios: AED 834,000 ($227,000)
  • One-bedroom apartments: AED 1.15 million ($313,000)
  • Two-bedroom apartments: AED 1.6 million ($435,500)
  • Three-bedroom apartments: AED 2 million ($544,500)
  • Four-bedroom apartments: AED 3 million ($817,000)
  • Five-bedroom apartments: AED 8.6 million ($2.34 million).

Keep in mind that flats for sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence will increase in price, as the community’s infrastructure is actively developing. Therefore, now is the most opportune time to invest in local real estate, while lucrative offers are still available.

Apartments investment in Jumeirah Beach Residence

Investing in an apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence is a means of acquiring one of the most profitable assets in the real estate market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As mentioned earlier, the value of local properties continues to rise as the area develops and the project nears completion, ensuring buyers a guaranteed long-term capital gain.

Additionally, investing in coastal community apartments in Jumeirah Beach Community is a viable option to generate stable income by renting your property. The ROI index for local residential properties can exceed 6.1% per annum; properties here are highly liquid and easy to sell since there is always demand.

Buying an apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai

Are you planning to buy apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residence for investment and living purposes? Our English-speaking real estate specialists can assist you in selecting a suitable option for those who wish to capitalise on Dubai-based properties. Contact them to receive comprehensive advice on any financial and legal matters and detailed information on units that interest you. They will provide you with information on apartments prices in Jumeirah Beach Residence, UAE for the best options. Additionally, our specialists offer full assistance during the purchase process and first-class after-sales service support for foreigners.